Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Drips waste countless gallons each year.  Be part of the solution.  Fix leaky faucets, toilets, and hose bibs.Water conserving toilets save water by doing more with less.  A great investment.Catching rainwater is a fantastic alternative to groundwater use.  And the plants LOVE it.

The District is currently in Stage II Alarm Drought (Press Release)
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Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Water Conservation Period

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The Board approved the draft HCP and ITP permit for submittal to Fish and Wildlife. Packet should be delivered to them next week! 10 years in the works... great accomplishment last night! Thanks to all of you who helped develop and review it!

Aquifer District Board Approves Incidental Take Permit Application and Accompanying Draft...
For Immediate Release: Friday, November 21, 2014 For more information, contact: Robin Gary, Senior Public Information and Education Coordinator, (512) 282-8441 or