Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Drips waste countless gallons each year.  Be part of the solution.  Fix leaky faucets, toilets, and hose bibs.Water conserving toilets save water by doing more with less.  A great investment.Catching rainwater is a fantastic alternative to groundwater use.  And the plants LOVE it.

The District is currently in Stage II Alarm Drought (Press Release)
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Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Water Conservation Period

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Teachers... have y'all used any of these activites in the classroom yet? Any fun modifications???? Hope it's been a great school year so far!

Groundwater to the Gulf 2014

Sorry for the delay.... but remember this past summer? 50 teachers joined us for a FANTASTIC Groundwater to the Gulf: Summer Institute for Educators. We went caving, sampled streams, tested water, built rain barrels, floated Barton Creek, and did activities that help bring local issues into the classroom. Registration for G2G 2015 will open in the first part of next year. Like us... and be one of the first to know that registration is open! It's free, it's fun, and it's 22 hrs of continuing ed credits! Teachers.... have you used any of these activities or concepts in your classrooms?