Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Drips waste countless gallons each year.  Be part of the solution.  Fix leaky faucets, toilets, and hose bibs.Water conserving toilets save water by doing more with less.  A great investment.Catching rainwater is a fantastic alternative to groundwater use.  And the plants LOVE it.

The District is currently in Stage II Alarm Drought (Press Release)
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Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Water Conservation Period

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The Hydro Geo Workshop at Cave Without a Name last weekend was a great success. The workshop cave college students the opportunity to test out common field techniques and get advice from experienced geologists... plus have some fun! It was the brainchild of the Edwards Aquifer Authority and The Bexar Grotto... and supported by a host of other agencies (the District included), organizations, and businesses. Geology/Hydrology professors from UT, A&M, Baylor, San Angelo State, Oklahoma, Arkansas (I know I'm missing some) came. Sessions included everything from best practices for maintaining field notebooks & using common field instruments to stream gauging, geophysics, and caving... and everything in between. Food was fabulous and the company rocked.