Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Drips waste countless gallons each year.  Be part of the solution.  Fix leaky faucets, toilets, and hose bibs.Water conserving toilets save water by doing more with less.  A great investment.Catching rainwater is a fantastic alternative to groundwater use.  And the plants LOVE it.

The District is currently in Stage II Alarm Drought (Press Release)
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Stage II Alarm Drought - 20% Reduction in Pumping
Water Conservation Period

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Here's something so new TCEQ doesn't even have standards for it.... a school 100% supplied by rainwater!!! These guys are working with TCEQ to get the standards set so they can comply by them and become that first rainwater supplied school! Right here in Central Texas! They helped out at

The Rainwater Revival this past weekend, and now this sounds like a great way to help them out!

Ladybird Montessori | Buda Texas
Fostering the Montessori method for early education in Buda, TX and the surrounding areas of Austin, San Marcos, Kyle, Niederwald and Driftwood.