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About Us

The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District is committed to conserving, protecting, recharging, and preventing waste of groundwater and preserving all aquifers in the District.

District Headquarters

Barton Springs
Edwards Aquifer
Conservation District

1124 Regal Row
Austin, Texas 78748

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 About Us Web Resources:

History page:
The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District was created in 1987 with a directive to conserve, protect, and enhance the groundwater resources in its jurisdictional area. This page provides an in-depth review of how and why the District was created. 

Board Members page:
The District is governed by an elected, five-member Board of Directors. This page explains the roles of the board members, provides a map of the District's precincts, and includes biographical subpages on each of the current directors.

Staff Members page:
This page provides contact information and short biographies for each of the District's staff members, explains the organization's five internal teams, and outlines how this multidisciplinary approach accomplishes the District's mission.

Governing Documents page:
The District operates within a framework of statutes, plans, rules, and policies. A detailed explanation of this framework, links to important water legislation, and the District's policies, rules, and regulations can be found on this page.

Collaboration page:
In order to better carry out its mission, the District cultivates collaborative programs and working partnerships with numerous agencies and organizations. More information and links to partner organizations can be found on this page.

Contact Us page:
This page provides general contact information and a map to the District's headquarters.