No Drought - Please, use water wisely

Mary Stone

Mary Stone - Board President and Precinct 1 Director
Board President and Precinct 1 Director

Director Profile:

What brought you into the environmental and groundwater resources management world?

My introduction to BSEACD was when I became aware of an environmental issue in my community that was going to have a significant impact on our way of life. Through the years of this process I began to get a different aspect of the property we had purchased to build our home years before on the edge of the Texas Hill Country. The most significant issue (and there were a lot) I saw was that we only had one water source for our home.  I was also seeing the rapid development in Hays County and began to question where all of the water was going to be coming from to serve all of these people. It was in 2008 when the Precinct 1 Board Position became available and I worked hard to get myself appointed to have a voice on the future of our water.

What would you like to see the District accomplish in the next 5 to 10 years?

I would love to see the legislation updated to reflect the needs of our community. We have so many demands placed on the aquifer and I know that with some planning, research and support at the Capitol we can have a vibrant future that balances the interests of all who enjoy its' bounty. When I look at the growth in the 20 years that I have been here it will pale in comparison of that yet to come and it reminds me how we must be looking ahead and planning for the world our children will face.  We need legislation that will continue to keep high quality water flowing through our faucets for years to come from an aquifer with a healthy ecological system.  I'm also supportive of expanding alternative water supplies such as desalination, use of the Trinity Aquifer and aquifer storage and recovery.  Finally, I believe the district should  continue to expand their education and support to all users. Education is power and the more we have the better we will do.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the District?

The biggest challenge facing the district is the changing climate and the decreasing rain amounts coupled with rapid growth. We have seen a significant improvement in drought restriction compliance over the past few years but it is challenging to serve more with less.  Conservation will only take us so far.

How do you and your family conserve water?

We are very conscious of our water use.  We kept the native grass when we built our home so our outdoor watering is limited to our garden and some trees during extreme drought.  All of our landscaping is Texas native and deer proof and thrives even during extreme drought. We purchased a new dishwasher and washing machine and saw a huge reduction in our water usage. Finally we wash our cars at car washes that reuse water and we use our air conditioning condensate to water hanging flower baskets.

What would people be surprised to learn about you (you choose whether that is professionally or personally)?

  • I am a Registered Nurse who arrived in Texas 20 years ago when I was only planning to stay for one year.
  • I am a Professional Photographer.
  • I have completed 2 marathons.
  • I rode my bike from Houston to Austin in 1994. I hope to never do that again.
  • I am married and have 2 teenage children who keep me very, very busy.
  • I jump in Barton Springs on New Year's Day!  It's FUN!