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Governing Documents

The District is generally governed and controlled by a set of statutes, plans, rules, and policies, which constitutes a framework in which the District operates.  Summary descriptions of the component parts of this framework and links to their documentation follow.  Note: Some of the links are to external websites or web pages; these are flagged in the summary descriptions below.

Texas Water Code, Chapter 36 [external link]
Chapter 36 is the statutory authority for all groundwater conservation districts (GCDs) in Texas.  Except as specifically altered by the supervening statutory authority of enabling legislation, Chapter 36 establishes how groundwater is managed and administered by GCDs.

District Enabling Legislation, SDLLC 8802 [external link]
The District’s enabling legislation, now codified, addresses specific powers and limitations of the District itself, and also designates how it is to be operated and is funded.

District Rules and Bylaws (adopted 7/16/15)
The Rules and Bylaws of the District are used to guide, define, and achieve the District goals of water conservation and pollution prevention in an effort to preserve, protect, and enhance the groundwater within the District's jurisdictional boundaries.

District Management Plan

Management Plan Body TWDB-approved 1.7.2013.pdf
Management Plan Appendices TWDB-approved 1.7.2013.pdf

Fiscal Year 2015 Fee Schedule Approved 7/24/2014

Public Information Act (Open Records Requests)
Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives the public the right to access government records, and an officer for public information and the officer's agent may not ask why the information is wanted.  All government information is presumed to be available to the public. Certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information.   Governmental bodies shall promptly release requested information that is not confidential by law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision, or information for which an exception to disclosure has not been sought.  Use the form available though the hyperlink above to submit written requests by mail or email to

Annual Budget Plan
The District Board approves an operating budget annually, which sets forth and authorizes expenditures and transfers that are to be made in the current fiscal year.  The Board may amend the budget as necessary during the year, but planned expenditures must be matched by planned revenue. A more detailed budget is found in the Records tab of this website.