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Aquifer Science

BSEACD Aquifer Science team provides sound science to support policy and tactical decisions made by the District that affect water supply users and endangered species habitat. 

Collecting basic hydrogeologic data and planning and executing projects enhances the understanding of the water resources within the District’s boundaries.

Dr. Brian A. Smith measuring water levels within a multi-port monitor well.  Water levels within the Edwards and Trinity aquifers are measured within this well.

 Aquifer Science Web Resources:

About the Aquifers page:
This page provides a general geologic overview and includes further links about groundwater resources in the District.

Drought Status page:
Data collected from the Lovelady well and Barton Springs are used to monitor the status of the aquifer and trigger drought stages. The most current and relevant drought data can be found on this page.

Aquifer Data page:
This page contains a map and table with links to pertinant hydrologic data, including water levels, stream flow, and water quality data. 

Aquifer Research page:
The BSEACD Aquifer Science Team is responsible for planning and conducting projects that enhance our understanding of the water resources of the District. More about current, past, and routine research projects, including groundwater tracing studies, recharge enhancement projects, and water-quality sampling, can be found on this page.