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Aquifer Data

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District hydrogeologists use a wide range of data to help understand aquifer dynamics.  For general commentary, observations, and current aquifer conditions, visit the District's Drought Monitor Blog.

District Monitoring Sites and Gauges of Interest

The interactive map below shows the District's hydro zones, boundary, and important monitoring sites.  Additional detail is available by clicking on points of interest.  USGS stream gauge sites (shown as orange dots) provide links to the online streamflow data.  The address search bar is enabled to allow users to search for a particular address.

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Onion Creek Bear Creek Slaughter Creek Williamson Creek Barton CreekStreamflow Sites:

USGS Real-Time Sites:

Drought TriggerBarton Springs gage
Drought Trigger:  Lovelady Monitor Well

Onion Creek
Upstream of Recharge Zone:  Onion Creek near Driftwood, TX
Downstream of Recharge Zone:  Onion Creek at Twin Creeks Rd near Manchaca, TX

Bear Creek
Upstream of Recharge Zone: Bear Creek below FM1826 near Driftwood, TX
Downstream of Recharge Zone:  Bear Creek near Brodie Lane near Manchaca, TX

Slaughter Creek
Upstream of Recharge Zone: Slaughter Creek at FM 1826 near Austin, TX
Downstream of Recharge Zone:  Slaughter Creek at FM 2304 near Austin, TX

Williamson Creek
Upstream of Recharge Zone:  Williamson Creek at Oak Hill, TX
Downstream of Recharge Zone:  Williamson Creek at Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX

Barton Creek
Upstream of Recharge Zone:  Barton Creek at Lost Creek Blvd, Austin TX
In the Recharge Zone: Barton Creek at Loop 360, Austin, TX
In the Recharge Zone: Barton Creek above Barton Spgs at Austin, TX

All USGS gages within the District Boundaries
Table of Real-Time sites

Interactive Maps:

Interactive map showing current RADAR and stream flow data on a Google Maps viewer.

LCRA Hydromet
Interactive real-time map with surface water flow and water quality, rainfall, and weather data for the Colorado River Basin.

Weather Sites:

Weatherbug Station at District Headquarters
Real-time data from Manchaca, Texas

Texas A&M Climatic Data
Historical climate data for Central Texas

Groundwater Level (data) Sites:

Texas Water Development Board Well Data
A list of real-time groundwater levels in text files and graphs from wells around the state listed by County.

Hays-Trinity Groundwater Levels for Texas
A clickable map linking to excel files of groundwater levels.

USGS Groundwater Levels for Texas
A table of sites with real-time and/or historic water levels from wells in Texas.

Texas Water Development Board's Well Database:

Texas Water Development Board Well Data
The TWDB WIID is a viewer and well database tool.

Antioch Recharge BMP Data:

Onion Creek at Antioch Cave
Link to real-time gage, specific conductance, temperature, and turbidity at the Antioch Recharge facility.

Well Problem Report Form:

To better understand aquifer dynamics and to equitably manage the groundwater resources within the District during severe drought conditions, we are compiling information on well issues.

Please help us track water availability by filling out the Well Problem Report Form online or by email, mail, or phone.