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Drought Status

For addional rainfall, discharge and water level information, look at the Current Drought Chart.
For drought and aquifer status discussion, visit the Drought Monitor Blog

Barton Springs Discharge
(cubic feet per second)
Previous: 102 cfs on 4/7/16
Drought Status Lovelady Monitor Well
Water Elevation (msl)
Previous: 529.6 msl on 4/7/16
Last Updated: 4/14/16
102 cfs
10-day avg
529.8 msl
38 cfs
20 cfs
14 cfs
10 cfs
478.4 msl
462.7 msl
457.1 msl
453.4 msl
No Drought
Stage I
Water Conservation
Period (May – Sept)
Stage II
Alarm Drought
Stage III
Critical Drought
Stage IV
Exceptional Drought
Emergency Response

Current Aquifer Conditions:

At the very top, is a chart displaying the current stage of drought based on values from Barton Springs and Lovelady monitor well, the District's two drought trigger sites. The values on this chart are periodically updated by District staff and reflect the values on the Current Drought Chart (link above). The two graphs at the bottom of the page show the last 60 days of record at the drought trigger sites in real-time. To visit the U.S. Geological Survey page where Barton Springs flow data is hosted click here. For water level values at Lovelady Monitor Well click here. Please note this data is provisional.