No Drought - Please, use water wisely


The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer District actively participates and hosts events designed to engage and educate groundwater users and District residents.  Events include stewardship awards, festivals, creek cleanups, presentations to schools and community groups, and teacher trainings.

Events Web Resources

Austin Cave Festival page:
The Austin Cave Festival is a free, one-day festival that celebrates Austin's caves, karst, and aquifers. This page details the many agencies and partners who carry out this unique event, lists the activities that are offered throughout the day (including short cave trips), and houses the most up-to-date details on the festival.

Creek Cleanups page:
Because major recharge features are frequently located in creeks, the District schedules an annual creek cleanup to improve the quality of water recharging the aquifer and educate residents about the connectivity of surface water and groundwater. More information on past cleanups and details on upcoming events can be found on this page.

Water Conservation page:
Conservation is easiest and cheapest way to extend groundwater resources. Practical and easy-to-implement tips on how to conserve both indoors and in the landscape are found in these subpages.  This page includes information on rainwater harvesting, water-wise landscaping, indoor & outdoor water conservation tips, and how to's for a self-irrigation audit.

Groundwater Stewardship Awards page:
Every other year the District recognizes outstanding groundwater stewards.  Nomination forms, past winners, and this year's categories are available on this page.

Groundwater to the Gulf: Summer Institute for Central Texas Educators page:
The District, in collaboration with many local water agencies, hosts a three-day, field trip-based summer institute designed to provide tools for teaching water-focused curricula to students in grades four through eight.  Educators receive hands-on field experiences with local water experts, FREE Curricula, TEKS-aligned activities, resources, and 22 continuing education credits.

Scholarships page:
Each year the District holds an essay contest for area high school juniors and seniors; the winner of the contest is awarded the Kent S. Butler Memorial Groundwater Stewardship Scholarship of $2500 to be used toward his/her college education. In addition, the District offers several scholarships to the Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center's Aquatic Science Adventure Camp for nine to fifteen year olds. Rules, applications, and deadlines are can be found on this page.

Well Owners page:
This page contains resources for well owners including the newly released Well Owner Guide and information on the annual Water Well Check-Up day for area residents.