Stage I Water Conservation Period (May 1 – Sept. 30) - Voluntary Reduction in Pumping


The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District has a number of special projects to help advance the scientific understanding and better manage groundwater resources within the District.

Alternate Water Supplies page:
A Stakeholder Advisory Committee has been formed to help investigate possible alternate water supplies within the District.

Demand Reduction page:
A Stakeholder Advisory Committee (complete) provided input to 'Address the Gap' and reduce demand during drought to preserve flows for the endangered species at Barton Springs.

Habitat Conservation Plan page:
This page documents the development of the District Habitat Conservation Plan for the endangered species at Barton Springs that may be affected by District activities.

Onion Creek Recharge Enhancement page:
This project focuses on improving the quality of water recharging the Edwards Aquifer and to enhance the amount of water recharging the aquifer along Onion Creek.