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Habitat Conservation Plan

The District's draft HCP has been developed with input from multiple advisory groups over the course of nearly ten years with the help of two grants.  The first grant project to develop a District Habitat Conservation Plan for the endangered species at Barton Springs that may be affected by District activities was begun in 2004 and completed in August 2007.  The second grant, 2008-2011, built on the work accomplished in the first.  The efforts from the multiple advisory groups and grant projects have culminated in the 2014 draft HCP.  

          Aquifer District Draft Habitat Conservation Plan:
          Application (Submitted: 12/2/2014)
          Final Draft HCP (Board Approved:  11/20/2014)
          Final Draft HCP Appendices (Posted: 12/2/2014)

As early as 2015, the District could have an approved Habitat Conservation Plan for the District, a Draft Environmental Impact Statement issued by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and a permit for the District’s groundwater management plan that evidences the District is taking needed measures to protect the endangered species.

Inquiries concerning this project should be directed to:

John Dupnik, P.G.
General Manager
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
(512) 282-8441

Much more information about HCP in general and this project in particular is included on subpages in this part of the website:

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