No Drought - Please, use water wisely

HCP Ongoing Communications and Work in Progress

This page contains a listing and links to working documents and unofficial, sometimes draft written communications for the ongoing project that be of use and interest to the project team, BAT, CAC, and/or the public.  Generally, these are listed in chronological order, with the more recent on top.

Working Documents:

Elements of Prospective Unterlocal Agreement between the City of Austin and the BSEACD (pdf)
    Kirk Holland, General Manager of the BSEACD
     May 5, 2010

BSEACD Perspectives on What We Know and Don't Know (pdf)
     April 21, 2010

Barton Springs Groundwater Model Development and Application (pdf)
     Bill Hutchinson, Texas Water Development Board
     April 21, 2010

Prospective DFC (and Related HCP) Milestone Schedule for Northern Subdivision of GMA 10 (pdf)
     April 19, 2010

Sequence of Possible Events in Establishing DFCs and MAGs (pdf)
     April 19, 2010

Hydrographic Analysis of Low-Flow Discharges and Pumpage Management Alternatives at Barton Springs, Austin, Texas (pdf)
     Kent Butler, Ph.D. and Raymond Slade, PH
     February 25, 2010

Remaining Authorized Pumpage after Required Pumpage Curtailments During Drought (pdf)
     Kirk Holland and John Dupnik
     October 15, 2009