No Drought - Please, use water wisely


One of the most effective ways to conserve, protect, and manage our the groundwater resources is to keep you informed of the science, current conditions, and regulations affecting our District.

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Outreach Web Resources:

Maps page:
This page contains links to some of the District's most requested maps, including ones that outline the district boundary, director precincts, geology, and aquifer zones.

Newsletters page:
The District produces an electronic newsletter tri-annually to update its stakeholders and the community about aquifer-related information and District events. Recent and archived editions of the quarterly newsletter, The Aquifer Bulletin, are found on this page.

Press Releases page:
This page contains links to District press releases from 2009 to the present.

Scientific Reports page:
A selected list of technical documents, grouped together by of research area, can be found on this page.