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Welcome to the District Map Library.  If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a good map must be worth 10,000.  This is a collection of maps created for District presentations, newsletter articles, etc.

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Individual Director Precinct Maps:

Well Drilling Activity in the Western Travis County PGMA (July 2014)
Click here to download a pdf of the Water Service Areas (CCN) in the District Water Service Areas within BSEACD (pdf)
BSEACD Permitted Volumes
by Permit Type (Jan 2012)
Submitted Drillers Reports in
Central Texas

BSEACD Precinct Map
(adopted 11/17/2011, pdf)


BSEACD Precinct Map
(previous version, pdf)


BSEACD Management Zones


BSEACD Hydrogeology Zones
(Large PDF File)

BSEACD Conceptual Hydrology

Geologic Atlas of Texas

(Link to Texas Water Development Board)

Downloadable Boundary Files

In order to use these maps you must download and install the free program Google Earth. If you don't already have Google Earth installed on your computer you can get it here.


BSEACD Administrative Boundary (kmz file, easy way to find out if you're in the District through Google Earth.)