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The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District is a political subdivision, local governmental agency.

Agendas and Backup page:
This page contains agendas, backup information, and minutes from public meetings.

Current Financial Reports page:
Financial reports for the current month of the fiscal year can be found on this page. These reports include a monthly balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, and transaction log by account.

Current Budget page:
This page contains the current fiscal year's budget and any subsequently approved budget amendments.

Archived Financial Reports page:
Archived balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and transaction detail by account reports are archived on this page. Reports date back to November 2010.

Annual Report and Annual Financial Audit page: 
Each year, as required by its bylaws, the District produces an annual report that updates constituents on the status of the aquifer and the District's programs and a financial report that includes the findings of an independent annual audit. Both of these reports per fiscal year are housed on this page and date back to FY 2009.

Public Information Act (Open Records Requests)
Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives the public the right to access government records; and an officer for public information and the officer's agent may not ask why the information is wanted. All government information is presumed to be available to the public. Certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information. Governmental bodies shall promptly release requested information that is not confidential by law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision, or information for which an exception to disclosure has not been sought. Use the form available though the hyperlink above to submit written requests by mail or email to