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Regulatory Program

The Regulatory Compliance Team is responsible for a wide range of the District’s responsibilities including:

  • Drought Management
  • Pumpage Tracking/Compliance Assessment
  • Rule Making
  • Rule and Well Construction Standard Interpretation
  • Permitting
  • Enforcement
  • Well Inspections
  • Well Plugging
  • Drilling Oversight

Regulatory Compliance Team members have also actively attended and participated in community outreach and regional development and planning groups and served as District liaisons to local municipalities, political subdivisions, permittees, and licensed drillers and pump installers in the area.

Well Owner & Regulatory Information :

Exempt or Nonexempt
To determine whether a well will carry an exempt or nonexempt status, there are specific conditions that need to be met.  This page discusses the factors  that are considered in making this determination are. Exempt vs Nonexempt status will dictate whether a permit or authorization may be required..

Permits and Rules
All wells drilled within the District boundaries must be registered with the District and most wells will require an authorization or permit. This page explains the different types of permits and provides the various permitting forms and guidance documents needed to help navigate through the permitting process.

Registration and Permit Forms
There are various application forms that may be required to drill, modify, or operate a well. This page provide guidance on which form to use and which checklists items are required.

Permit Process
General permits have a streamlined application process allowing for quicker administrative review and approval.  Individual Production Permits have a more involved permitting process and key milestones and timeframes for completing review and approval. This page provides more details.

Well Construction
This page explains requirements for construction, development, and completion of wells as well as guidelines for required aquifer tests.

DFCs and MAGs
The District works jointly with other Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) to make policy decisions that determine the volume of groundwater pumpage available for permitting in its Groundwater Management Areas (GMAs). The pages within this section outline how GCDs estimate groundwater availability (which is referred to as the Managed Available Groundwater value or "MAG"), Desired Future Conditions (DFCs) for aquifers managed by BSEACD, and how minimum DFCs can be preserved in times of extreme drought.

Drought Management
All permittees are required to implement water conservation/restriction measures based on the declared drought stage. This page explains the need for drought stage pumping restrictions and provides general User Drought Contingency Plans that can serve as templates.

Well Owner Information
This page describes come commonly useful information for well owners such as submitting meter readings, water quality of your well, well maintenance.