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Well Regulations

Wells drilled inside District boundaries must follow the rules and regulations outlined in the Well Construction Standards.  The District's Well Construction Standards details the requirements for construction, development, and completion of wells to produce from the Edwards aquifer, the Middle Trinity aquifer, or the Lower Trinity aquifer.

For New Wells
Once an application for a new well is received, the District will provide assistance with well location and a determination of site specific well construction standards and maximum total depth based on the target production zone. 

For Abandoned Wells
All plugging applications for abandoned wells must include a plugging plan outlining the details of the proposed plugging procedure including and a well schematic.  The plugging plan must be reviewed and approved by the District prior to the commencement of well plugging.  Please download and submit the Registration, Drilling, and Plugging Application at least 10 days prior for site inspection and plugging plan review and approval.  

Well Driller Information
Licensed driller information may be obtained from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  The District recommends that all applicants verify that the contracted driller has a current license that is in good standing.  Verify a driller's license through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation License Search.

Aquifer Test Guidelines
Aquifer tests and Hydrogeologic Reports are required for certain permit actions including:

  • New wells with proposed production > than 2,000,000 gallons/year
  • Major amendments to production permits
  • Certain minor amendments (Rule 3-1.9(E)&(F))
  • Well modifications to increase production capacity

Planning and implementation of the aquifer test shall be closely coordinated with District staff; however, the groundwater professional conducting the investigation is solely responsible for the accuracy and validity of the test. Details of the pump test are outlined in the District's Pump Test Guidelines. Please contact the District with further questions.